Not in Our Stars

Several years ago, Carson Holloway published an insightful essay, describing the election of Donald Trump as a (well deserved) slap across the face of America’s governing elites. Holloway’s argument focuses on a series of policy gaffes, stretching back to the presidency of George W. Bush and extending through that of Barack Obama. Together, by 2016,Continue reading “Not in Our Stars”

The Good Fight

There is a part of us that loves to fight. The Greeks call it thymos (or thumos); St. Thomas calls it the “irascible appetite.” Everyone possesses some measure of this spirit, along with natural desires for enjoyable goods (eros) and for truth (logos). Each part of our nature has its intended purpose. When we desireContinue reading “The Good Fight”

Helping the Republic Keep its Head

If you can keep your head when all about youAre losing theirs and blaming it on you . . . Thus begin Rudyard Kipling’s familiar verses on becoming a man. We might also apply them to the increasingly difficult challenge of keeping our republic in times such as these. If this blog does not regularlyContinue reading “Helping the Republic Keep its Head”

Probable Cause

Claes G. Ryn is professor of politics at The Catholic University of America. He describes himself as “largely alienated from both of the American parties,” and in any case not a partisan of Donald J. Trump. Over at The American Conservative—a journal that has largely pooh-poohed allegations of widespread fraud in our recent presidential election—RynContinue reading “Probable Cause”