The Caring Curmudgeon

J. R. R. Tolkein, Oxford professor and author of the (pre-cinematic) Lord of the Rings trilogy, was among those Catholics deeply rooted in the traditions of their faith, who lived to see those customs violently uprooted in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council. Years ago I was delighted to hear his grandson tell ofContinue reading “The Caring Curmudgeon”

Treasures New and Old

Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782) was the eighteenth child of the great J. S., and his youngest son. He learned music from his venerable dad, and from his big brother Carl Philipp Emanuel. J. C. eventually settled in London, but launched his musical career in Italy, after converting to the Catholic faith. I intend to discussContinue reading “Treasures New and Old”

Audacious Little Ones

Dogmatic definitions are a service rendered to the “little ones” of the Church, and not a way of lording it over others. In formulating the faith by means of words, the Magisterium allows everyone to share in the light that Christ left to us. Tradition is the chief criterion in matters of faith. Every CatholicContinue reading “Audacious Little Ones”