My Heart, My Sacrifice

Here is my heart, beloved Jesus, which worships your divinity! May my sacrifice please you: I know that none other can please you as much. Hier ist mein Herz, geliebter Jesu (music) Cantata by Georg Philipp Telemann, from the album Perpetuum Mobile, by the Balthasar-Neumann Ensemble (streaming, CD, digital). What do you think? Please comment, subscribe, &Continue reading “My Heart, My Sacrifice”

Baroque and Roll!

Musica Florea is one of several contemporary Czech ensembles whose musicianship strikes me as out of this world. They have been playing since 1992, under the direction of cellist Marek Ć tryncl, and have many fine recordings to their credit. In December of last year they performed to what appears to be an empty hall, forContinue reading “Baroque and Roll!”