It Takes a (Certain Kind of) Village

One of the advantages socialists have these days is the poverty of our political culture, especially as it pertains to our (lack of) understanding of the rights they are in the process of stripping from us. Those nobly seeking to escape the servitude into which we are rapidly slipping, drawing from a conceptual toolbox withinContinue reading “It Takes a (Certain Kind of) Village”

Systemic Duplicity

So-called critical theorists like to speak about “systemic” racism, and other social sins. Most people spouting such cant have no idea what it means, but they know what it does: it renders their opponents—unrepentant members of “privileged” social “groups”—guilty without a trial, and therefore subject to various forms of abuse without the right to effectiveContinue reading “Systemic Duplicity”

Rescuing our Rights

As previously noted, theories of “systemic racism” currently in fashion constitute the latest leftist ruse to rob citizens of our most cherished rights. Once we concede that anyone can be treated as guilty, or awarded the equivalent of damages, and all without a trial, then the rule of law is abolished, and we have theContinue reading “Rescuing our Rights”