From the Son to the Father

I promised Dear Reader to say a bit more about Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725), and Lent is a good time to keep promises unbroken. Besides, having a meditative listen to his version of Stabat Mater (tracks 13-30, lyrics here) is an excellent way to keep holy this Saturday in Passion Week. Scarlatti père is gifted inContinue reading “From the Son to the Father”

Virgin of All Virgins Blest

Virgin of all virgins blest, O refuse not my request: let me in thy weeping share! Stabat Mater Ridolfo Luigi Boccherini (1743–1805) is one of a few composers whose music I most ardently relish. To judge by available recordings, he seems to be responsible for mountains of chamber music—a genre that for whatever reason IContinue reading “Virgin of All Virgins Blest”

The Glory of Paradise

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) was the son of Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725), from whom he learned his trade. A. Scarlatti is one of my favorite composers, about whom I hope to say more in the near future. His son, best known for his hundreds of keyboard sonatas, wasn’t so bad either. Among his fans he can countContinue reading “The Glory of Paradise”

Mother and Son

Stabat Mater is a medieval poem, originally designed for private devotion, and eventually incorporated into the liturgy of Holy Week. This amazing site provides a line-by-line examination of the Latin text, with various possible English renditions. The version most familiar to Anglophones, “At the cross her station keeping, stood the mournful mother weeping,” provides easyContinue reading “Mother and Son”