Free Men and Slaves

According to Plato’s Athenian Stranger, there are two sorts of doctors, corresponding to two sorts of patients. On each side, there are “slaves and free.” Slave doctors “acquire the art by following their master’s command,” “but not by following nature.” Generally, they are permitted to treat their fellow slaves. In doing so, the slave doctorContinue reading “Free Men and Slaves”

Is There a Christian Socialism?

And the multitude of believers had but one heart and one soul: neither did any one say that aught of the things which he possessed, was his own; but all things were common unto them. Acts 4:32 No one can at the same time be a sincere Christian and a true Socialist. Pope Pius XIContinue reading “Is There a Christian Socialism?”

Breaking the Social Contract

“Social contract theory” is the (false) notion that society is essentially constituted by an agreement among radically autonomous individuals. Though the theory stands in contradiction to our political nature, it does not follow that the concept of a social contract is erroneous or irrelevant to an understanding of human affairs. Just as human beings areContinue reading “Breaking the Social Contract”

Lifting Up Our Souls

On the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: thou shalt do no work on it, thou nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy beast, nor the stranger that is within thy gates. Exodus 20:10 In his masterwork, Leisure, the Basis of Culture, Josef PieperContinue reading “Lifting Up Our Souls”

Counseling Capitalism

“That invidious word, ‘capitalism,’” Irving Kristol reminds us, “was invented by European socialists about a half-century” after the publication of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Although the term is now lovingly embraced by proponents of free enterprise, it has never ceased to carry negative connotations, even to souls disinclined towards socialism. Kristol recognizes that, inContinue reading “Counseling Capitalism”