Mercy in the Morning

It is good to give praise to the Lord: and to sing to thy name, O most High. To show forth thy mercy in the morning, and thy truth in the night. Psalm 91:1-2 Among my early morning prayers is one commissioned for daily recitation by members of the Confraternity of St. Peter. Although IContinue reading “Mercy in the Morning”

The Truth About the Latin Mass

In his declaration of war against those of his flock too “rigid” to shake with the winds of political correctness, the man who above all ought to serve the servants of God references a global survey, whose results (likely never to be published) he deems disturbing. Relying on his account, the naïve reader might reasonablyContinue reading “The Truth About the Latin Mass”

That Your Joy May Be Full

Scripture often testifies to the power of prayer. Our Lord himself assures us of this when he couples this command with a promise: “Ask, and you shall receive; that your joy may be full” (Jn. 16:24). Echoing his Master, St. James reminds us that “the continual prayer of a just man avails much” (Js. 5:16).Continue reading “That Your Joy May Be Full”

Feeding us Well

Jesus Christ, our Savior, protects us from God’s wrath; through his bitter suffering, he delivered us from the punishments of hell. That we might never forget this, he gave us his body to eat, hidden in the bread so small, and his blood to drink in the wine. He who would go to his table,Continue reading “Feeding us Well”

Many Mansions

Te Deum is the great thanksgiving hymn of the Church, highly appropriate in Eastertide as well other seasons of triumph. Traditionally ascribed to St. Ambrose of Milan (340-397), it strikes me as a joyful extension of the Gloria—more didactic, but every bit as exultant in the greatness of our God. By detailing the ranks ofContinue reading “Many Mansions”

Sweet Rejection

In his first letter to the faithful, our first pope boldly mixes a set of metaphors, which taken together give us a clear picture of the end and means of Christian life (1 Pet. 2:1-10). Whatever our previous life may have been, St. Peter counsels, we are to leave it behind and become like “newbornContinue reading “Sweet Rejection”

Knowing the Lord

It is the “first day of the week,” and the first day of our Lord’s resurrected life (Lk. 24). Two of his disciples are walking on the road, “reason[ing] with themselves,” “and are sad” in their reasoning. It is fitting that Christ appears to them in earnest discourse, for Christ himself is the Logos (Reason)Continue reading “Knowing the Lord”

Behold Upon the Mountains!

Behold upon the mountains The feet of him who brings good tidings, And who preaches peace. Nahum 1:15 Dietrich Buxtehude’s adaptation of a medieval hymn, itself the fruit of devotional meditation on Scripture, invites us with its exquisite beauty to contemplate the good tidings of our salvation, and the manner in which it has beenContinue reading “Behold Upon the Mountains!”

The Finery of a Christian

Members of Christ, ah, consider what the Savior has bestowed on you Through the pure bath of baptism! From this fountain of blood and water your garments become bright that were stained by your sins. Christ gave you new clothes: scarlet purple, white silk. These are the finery of a Christian! J S Bach, BereitetContinue reading “The Finery of a Christian”

Cultivating Spiritual Prudence

Prudence is the virtue whereby we discover the best means to the best ends. Christ teaches us how to cultivate prudence in spiritual things when he likens “the kingdom of heaven” (our salvation) to “ten virgins, who taking their lamps went out to meet the bridegroom and the bride” (Mt. 25:1-13). The bridegroom is ChristContinue reading “Cultivating Spiritual Prudence”