Wreaking Holy Havoc

A certain minor celebrity, alternately smiling and scowling at us from his awkward perch atop Holy Mother Church, has repeatedly instructed us as follows, in his native Spanish: Hagan lo! Given the tenacity with which this man has steered from one scandal into another, it’s hard to shake the impression that the kind of messContinue reading “Wreaking Holy Havoc”

Saints Among Us

How many of those walking among us here and now will one day be revered as saints? I suspect we would all do well to reflect more deeply on this question, and its implications for our lives, personally and culturally. I mut confess to giving the matter much less thought than it deserves. Still, thereContinue reading “Saints Among Us”

The Training of the Saints

All the evil men, from Cain to those who desolate the universe today, have had the appearance of great and powerful princes who have produced a great effect in the world and whom men have worshipped. All these monsters only come into the world to exercise the courage of the children of God, and whenContinue reading “The Training of the Saints”

Running To and Fro

Be still and see that I am God. Psalm 45:11 The just shall shine, and shall run to and fro like sparks among the reeds. Wisdom 3:7 We have it on the best authority that eternal life consists in knowing “the only true God” (Jn 17:3). The vision of God, whose goodness is infinite andContinue reading “Running To and Fro”

God is the Supreme Ruler

It had escaped my notice that today is the 850th anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket. Remarkably, the courageous stand this statesman, scholar, and priest took in defense of religious liberty is recounted, admired, and related to current affairs in this proclamation from the President of the United States. When the furious KingContinue reading “God is the Supreme Ruler”

The Secret of Sanctity

If you wish to think, write, and talk like apostles, prophets, and saints, abandon yourselves as they did to divine inspiration. Had the saints of the first days any other secret than that of becoming, moment by moment, what the divine action wished to make of them? And will that divine action fail to shedContinue reading “The Secret of Sanctity”

Hang on Tight!

The ignorant man clings to the dust until he becomes dust; the wise and prudent man clings to heaven until he reaches heaven. The place where you hang on, you will belong to it. Saint Charbel Makhlouf (source) One should not follow those who advise us to think human thoughts, since we are human, andContinue reading “Hang on Tight!”