A Charitable Defilement

Almighty Jesus, my sweet Savior Christ, which wouldst vouchsafe thine own almighty hands to wash the feet of thy twelve apostles, not only of the good, but of the very traitor too, vouchsafe, Good Lord, of thine excellent goodness, in such wise to wash the foul feet of my affections, that I never have suchContinue reading “A Charitable Defilement”

How Not to Drown in Scripture

Holy Scripture is, as I said, the highest and best learning that anyone can have, if one takes the right way in the learning. It is—as a good, holy saint says—so marvelously devised that a mouse could wade in it and an elephant be drowned in it. For there is no man so lowly butContinue reading “How Not to Drown in Scripture”

Infallible Arms

What is Lucifer? He is a brilliant intelligence, the most enlightened of all; but an intelligence discontented with God and his Order. Lucifer, as far as lies within his power, wishes to leave nothing in the state in which God has ordained and placed it. Wherever he penetrates, you will always find the work ofContinue reading “Infallible Arms”