Understanding our Elites

Rightly understood, governance is a public service. To the extent that they are virtuous, the people should be the ultimate masters of politics, even when particular matters are disposed of by their representatives. But what is a poor master to do when those pretending to serve decide to lord it over him instead? Before weContinue reading “Understanding our Elites”

Beyond the Power of Man

Omnipotence in itself seems to me something bad and dangerous.  Its exercise seems to me beyond the power of man, whoever he may be; and I see only God who can, without danger, be all powerful, because his wisdom and his justice are always equal to his power. There is no authority on earth so respectableContinue reading “Beyond the Power of Man”

Escaping Mental Bondage

Josef Pieper (1904-1997) lived through one of the most brutal of modern tyrannies: the murderous reign of the Nazi party. Before and after Nazi domination, Germany has been regarded as one of the most advanced liberal democracies. Decades after the liberation of Europe from totalitarianism, Pieper reflected on how the sophistications of modern culture, ratherContinue reading “Escaping Mental Bondage”