A Benign Bloodthirst

Clarence Thomas is to my mind (the one you keep hearing about here) the most impressive of our Supreme Court Justices. That late intrepid defender of the “original meaning” of our Constitution, Antonin Scalia, referred to him admiringly as a “bloodthirsty originalist.” Pace the purveyors of social injustice, this does not imply that he isContinue reading “A Benign Bloodthirst”

Seeking New Management

America’s “power elite,” placed at the head of increasingly centralized systems of commerce, culture, and governance, prides itself on fostering a pluralistic attitude, enabling it to rally the various factions dividing our society behind reasonable consensuses on a plethora of issues. How justified is that pride? Consider the resources our diversity-mouthing despots are now squanderingContinue reading “Seeking New Management”

The Good Fight

There is a part of us that loves to fight. The Greeks call it thymos (or thumos); St. Thomas calls it the “irascible appetite.” Everyone possesses some measure of this spirit, along with natural desires for enjoyable goods (eros) and for truth (logos). Each part of our nature has its intended purpose. When we desireContinue reading “The Good Fight”