Our Mother Tongue

Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season. 2 Timothy 4:2 “Before those who are opposed to the Tridentine Mass,” advises Fr. Roberto Spataro, “let us present a clear and solid argumentation, peacefully and politely, starting always from the reasons held by the other, accompanying him and helping him to appreciate our ownContinue reading “Our Mother Tongue”

The Lesson of the Latin Mass

The central lesson of the Church’s ancient liturgy is the absolute dependence of man upon God. What Adam denied in one garden, and Christ affirmed in another, we contemplate and embrace in our own bodily and spiritual union with the sacrifice that makes possible our rebirth into fellowship with our Creator. Though changes have (rarely)Continue reading “The Lesson of the Latin Mass”

The Truth About the Latin Mass

In his declaration of war against those of his flock too “rigid” to shake with the winds of political correctness, the man who above all ought to serve the servants of God references a global survey, whose results (likely never to be published) he deems disturbing. Relying on his account, the naïve reader might reasonablyContinue reading “The Truth About the Latin Mass”

Who’s Afraid of the Latin Mass?

To their credit, many of the world’s bishops, addressed in Francis’s recent missive as “Guardians of Tradition,” are scratching their head at its apparently senseless venom. “Upon reflection,” one faithful shepherd of souls observed, “it seems that in addressing the ‘problems’ of the traditional Latin Mass community—real or perceived—Pope Francis used a chainsaw when onlyContinue reading “Who’s Afraid of the Latin Mass?”

Leading the Blind

The term incapacity would seem to imply a defect. And yet it is the infinite perfection of our God that renders him incapable of evil—which is itself nothing but a defect. This divine incapacity extends to the realm of human affairs in a particular and noteworthy manner. Since “there is no power but from God”Continue reading “Leading the Blind”