The Spirit of Haydn

It’s easy to imagine that I have a lot in common with Helmut Müller-Brühl (1933-2012). A student of philosophy and theology as well as musicology, he seems to have shared a similar set of interests, though with the difference that he did so much more about it! I happened to discover this blessed soul earlyContinue reading “The Spirit of Haydn”

Many Mansions

Te Deum is the great thanksgiving hymn of the Church, highly appropriate in Eastertide as well other seasons of triumph. Traditionally ascribed to St. Ambrose of Milan (340-397), it strikes me as a joyful extension of the Gloria—more didactic, but every bit as exultant in the greatness of our God. By detailing the ranks ofContinue reading “Many Mansions”

Singing the Praises of Strings

The Epoch Times continues to impress me with its unique blend of sober reality, hopeful resilience, and guileless attention to all that is delightful and vibrant in the world. A case in point is this fascinating piece, explaining a feature of orchestral music that, as a rank amateur, I had vaguely noted, but could neverContinue reading “Singing the Praises of Strings”