Barbarity Vanquished

In this marvelous cantata, Barbara, dira, effera, Jan Dismas Zelenka explores the roots of Easter joy in the horror of our Lord’s Passion: Though the sound here is a bit muffled, the power of this performance by Delphine Galou and Collegium 1704 cannot be impeded. That befits the message conveyed: that the barbarity of man,Continue reading “Barbarity Vanquished”

Special Gifts

Everything in nature has what belongs to its species. Every flower has what it needs. Every animal follows successfully its instinct, and every creature has its own perfection. Just so is it in the various states of grace: Each has its specific gifts, and there is a recompense for each of those whose good willContinue reading “Special Gifts”

Fruitful and Unfruitful Fears

Fear is a natural response to the possibility of losing something good. When it prompts us to act in defense of the many fragile blessings entrusted to our care, fear is a healthy part of the divine order. As with any passion, the trouble comes when fear overpowers reason, rather than following its governance. InContinue reading “Fruitful and Unfruitful Fears”

Pursuing Happiness in the New Year

We have it on good authority that God has ordered all things wisely. And, on the same authority, that he works in mysterious ways. As Josef Pieper reminds us, a mystery is something we know in part. What then do we know about the wisdom with which God governs our world? A good place toContinue reading “Pursuing Happiness in the New Year”

The Virtues Chosen for Us

All souls cannot aspire to receive the same kind of virtue from the variety of divine impressions, but all can receive the touch belonging to that state which is appropriate for them. Some dwell in light and some in darkness, but what does this matter? The soul seeks God himself and his action. Let usContinue reading “The Virtues Chosen for Us”

Finding the Peace of God

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 Peace, according to Augustine, is the tranquility of order: for the disturbance of order is the destruction of peace. This tranquility of order is considered from three aspects: first, insofar as it exists in the principleContinue reading “Finding the Peace of God”