Profiles in Meekness

Meekness is doing our duty in spite of all obstacles, whether those obstacles come in the form of our own errors and excesses, or the wrongful opposition of others. Meditating on the meaning of meekness has inspired me to begin a series of posts celebrating those among us who exhibit this beatitude by seeking whatContinue reading “Profiles in Meekness”

To Be, or Not to Be, a “Conservative”?

A friend recently referred me to this essay by the inimitable G. K. Chesterton. Reviewing a book called Conservatism, Chesterton explores the question: “What is a conservative?” He begins by questioning conservatism’s very existence. G. K.’s doubts stem from recognizing “one of the great mistakes of modern controversy: the duty of writing round a wordContinue reading “To Be, or Not to Be, a “Conservative”?”