Spiritually Essential

Although Epiphany season is well behind (and, in the cycle of sacred time, even further ahead) of us, no time is a bad time to celebrate manifestations of divine glory. That’s why I’m pleased to have discovered the work of Three Notch’d Road: The Virginia Baroque Ensemble. Their most recent CD, released a couple yearsContinue reading “Spiritually Essential”

Behold Upon the Mountains!

Behold upon the mountains The feet of him who brings good tidings, And who preaches peace. Nahum 1:15 Dietrich Buxtehude’s adaptation of a medieval hymn, itself the fruit of devotional meditation on Scripture, invites us with its exquisite beauty to contemplate the good tidings of our salvation, and the manner in which it has beenContinue reading “Behold Upon the Mountains!”

Let Us Be Glad and Rejoice!

This is the day which the Lord has made: Let us be glad and rejoice therein! Psalm 117:24 To assist us in keeping this divine commandment, I recommend this performance of Dietrich Buxtehude’s “Alleluia,” presented by the choral ensemble Accentus with the Insula orchestra: What do you think? Please comment, subscribe, & forward to friends! 

What is the World to Me?

What is the world to meWith all its vaunted pleasureWhen Thou, and Thou alone,Lord Jesus, art my Treasure!Thou only, dearest Lord,My soul’s Delight shalt be;Thou art my Peace, my Rest,What is the world to me! The world is like a cloudAnd like a vapor fleeting,A shadow that declines,Swift to its end retreating.My Jesus doth abide,ThoughContinue reading “What is the World to Me?”