Bear Baiting

It was a popular sport in days of old—to pit savage bulldogs against a chained ursus, for the amusement of spectators, curious to see how many canines the latter could tear apart, before itself succumbing to the effects of innumerable wounds.

While no analogy is perfect, it is difficult to shake the impression that something similar is now taking place in Eastern Europe, as the combined arrogance and ineptitude of Western leaders culminate in the cruel carving up of a nation caught between the Russian Bear, and a Free World prepared to do little but watch in horror.

Does my metaphor insinuate that there is something orchestrated, and unsavory, about the spectacle unfolding before us?

Savvy citizens, subjected in recent years to a sleepless propaganda campaign bent on making them willing slaves to a global coalition of neo-totalitarian overlords, have grown rightly suspicious of their own governments, and their media puppets.

Sadly, some have jumped to the conclusion that, since the talking heads are liars, the truth in any particular controversy must be the opposite of what they say.

This is to give our master manipulators simultaneously too little, and too much credit.

Too little, because their modes of deceiving are numerous and subtle, far beyond the crude inversion of the way things actually are. Too much, because no one serious about finding the truth ought to take professional conmen as his reference point, one way or the other.

If our own elites are hopelessly corrupt, does this make Putin a hero? If Vladimir is indeed a tyrant, does this make Sleepy Joe a mighty defender of the peace?

Incapable as either argument is of bearing scrutiny, sizable segments of our commentariat seem incapable of discerning a reality in which prominent parties on both sides of a conflict are guilty, albeit in importantly different ways.

This blogger is no expert in the complexities underlying the present conflagration, but well placed sources, combined with a little common sense, suggest to him the following points.

Putin is a brutal and cunning despot, whose tactics have evolved, though his goals have not changed, since his years as a KGB agent.

Though he has taken to mouthing platitudes about the merits of Judeo-Christian principles, he neither lives by them, nor promotes their genuine practice. He is Orthodox in the same way Joe Biden is Catholic. That is: as a matter of calculating convenience.

Whether or not Putin is a member in good standing of the Great Reset club, he is not a sincere opponent of the Davos crowd. Russian citizens have suffered under batflu restrictions at least as draconian as denizens of Europe or the blue states, the only difference being that the injections without which they are denied food or employment have Russian labels on them.

Putin is well aware of the decline of Western civilization, which as Soviet spy and post-Soviet strongman he has done his part to exacerbate over the years. In calling out certain errors in our atrophying liberal democracies, his intention is not to remedy them, but to exploit them.

It is true that Biden and his buddies brought this war upon us, and their motives for doing so are doubtlessly sinister. But this valid accusation must be followed up with prudent precision.

One can debate the wisdom of expanding NATO when and where we did in recent decades, but to speak as if the dismantling of the Soviet empire was unfair, or the defense of liberated peoples was equivalent to genuine provocation, is asinine.

Putin was goaded into this aggression not by Western growth, but by Western decline, manifested in flagrant signs of stupidity and weakness.

The pressuring of a free and vulnerable Ukraine to abandon nuclear arms; the suppression of major sources of U. S. energy independence; the encouragement of European reliance on Russian oil; the deliberate dishonoring of our military in a shameless retreat from Afghanistan; the unmistakable signals that we were unwilling to confront violence with requisite force—these and similar sins were the cause of the atrocities appearing on our screens.

In conclusion, the only solution to Western decadence is a renewal of Western greatness. That greatness is equally opposed by Putin, and his gliberal critics. We should reject both, and aim at saying and doing what is good, true, and beautiful instead.

In that spirit, might I suggest that we offer a prayer for the people of Ukraine, subjected to murderous assault; as well as for the people of Russia, now being stripped of what rights they had by a government openly reverting to its Soviet ways?

On their behalf, let us join our hearts with this hymn in honor of “green Ukraine”:

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