Still Standing

Unless firearms are actually involved, I am no fan of trigger warnings. Still, I must warn Dear Reader that the videos below contain disturbing images of real-life violence.

As this violence is being committed by a government neighboring my own, one that claims to lead the world in its dedication to human rights, and one that has mendaciously denied the facts here captured on film, I think the truth is well worth viewing.

If we cannot look tyranny in the face, we have little hope of overcoming it.

Candice Sero is the elderly woman—a member of the Mohawk tribe—trampled by mounted police on February 14th. She was on the frontlines, with her walker, pleading with police to cease intimidating peaceful protesters, when a line of horses charged by, knocking her down.

As she struggled to rise, one or more officers kicked her in the legs. With the help of fellow protesters, she made it to the hospital, where X-rays revealed she had a broken collar bone, in addition to numerous bruises throughout her body.

Sero is still standing, and has not been deterred from speaking her mind. I strongly recommend listening to her testimony, which not only gives the lie to the government’s claim that no one was injured that day, but also to the general pretense that they care about the wellbeing of aboriginal peoples, or anyone other than themselves.

The report also gives us a glimpse into the twisted souls of the men and women willing to mow down their fellow citizens. Several of the Royal Canadian Mounties on the scene joked about these atrocities in their social media posts, which have now been exposed.

Meanwhile, the reporter who interviewed Sero, Alexandra Lavoie, was savagely assaulted by police in a senseless charge against a crowd of protesters whose only crime is their outspoken love of liberty.

This video gives us a feel of what it looks like to stare evil in the face:

These scenes are not easy to stomach, nor should they be. Yet the merciless despotism we witness here is creeping closer to each of us every day.

By the grace of God, may we have the heart to confront it like Sero and Lavoie, and remain standing.

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