The Real Rebels

John Locke reminds us that the Latin rebellare means to “bring back again the state of war.”

War, as Locke usefully defines it, is a state that ensues “when someone declares by word or action,” “as a matter of calm settled design,” “that he intends to end another man’s life,” or to “get another man into his absolute power.”

Though Locke is wrong to reduce the law of nature to a rule of (mainly) self-preservation; and though he errs in reducing political society to a social contract among otherwise radically independent individuals; the truth is that natural law establishes the preservation of human life and the pursuit of virtuous happiness as fundamental goods.

In consequence, the right to defend oneself (and others) from warlike aggression is not less but more firmly rooted than Locke allows, and the attention Locke brings to what he rightly deems the most dangerous sort of rebellion is well worth pondering.

We tend to think of rebels as those who question authority. In our antinomian times, this epithet is often worn as a badge of honor. And sometimes it is so: the Canadian Rebel News, for example, represents a rare media outlet willing to question a government hellbent on persecuting its own people.

Locke is wise to counsel, however, that “those who are most likely to rebel against the constitution and the laws” are not those under the laws, but rather “those who are in power.” This paradox is easily explained by the seductive power of “their claim to authority, the temptation of the force they have at their disposal, and the flattery of those around them.”

I will not waste time quibbling over polls suggesting that a majority of Canadians support the lawless violence commanded by their ferret-king. Not only are polls easily manipulated, but what they purport to measure is a thing of drastically variable worth.

It is not a question of who is willing to say he believes in freedom, but of who is willing to stand up for it, and suffer for it if necessary. In this regard, it is clear that the truckers and their supporters are the true patriots, fighting not only for their own freedoms but, as one of them astutely put it, even for the rights of those who hate and malign them.

This video speaks louder than any poll could about the real sentiments of real citizens when it comes to freedom versus despotism.

Though it may be invigorating to think of these brave northern souls as rebels, in truth they are precisely the opposite. For so far from wanting to violate the inalienable rights of their fellow countryman, many of them would die if necessary to protect them.

On the contrary, it is the pusillanimous sociopath leading their government, and the degraded specimens of human beings who aid and abet his crimes, who are the true rebels, declaring by their words and actions a settled design to rob their fellows of life and liberty.

The rebellion in question is not new, but in the events of recent days it has been openly declared. May those who realize they at war choose the side of good, and may God in his Providence favor those who seek only a return of genuine peace.

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