Badges of Shame, and of Honor

Canadian military veterans protesting against COVID-19 mandates are removed by police from the protest site in Ottawa on Feb. 18, 2022. (Limin Zhou/The Epoch Times)

Decades ago, a six-year sojourn in Canada acquainted me with the awe in which the denizens of that snowy realm hold the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Many a northern lad could dream no grander dream than growing up to join the ranks of these bravest of all servants of Queen and Country.

In one fateful weekend, that dream has been forever crushed, along with the elderly lady knocked down and quite possibly trampled under hoof by Mounties who have shown themselves willing to serve as tools of an openly despotic regime, bent on brutally subjugating the people they are sworn to protect.

Footage of what is now transpiring in the great white north is chilling in more ways than one. Agents of the state swoop in to arrest freedom loving men and women, whose only crime is organizing a peaceful protest that has captured the hearts of their fellows in a way that Orwellian doublespeak will never succeed at doing.

These police—doing the bidding of a self-appointed coward-king whose only skill is in weaving a string of potty-mouthed lies unworthy of an accomplished playground bully—conspicuously decline to show their badges, or respond when asked to identify themselves.

This is because they have agreed to function not as genuine public servants, but as secret police, for purposes of erecting a system of oppression in flagrant violation of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms—not to mention the laws of nature and of nature’s God.

It is well that they demonstrate their shame even in this skunky fashion, since it proves that they have not entirely lost awareness of their own humanity, even as they act to violate the sacred rights of humanity in the persons of their innocent victims—and therefore, by extension, in all persons, including themselves.

It is striking to hear so many of these victims maintaining that implacable politeness characterizing their nation, even in the face of lawless abuses of power. Wishing the police who arrest them a good day, they make excuses for them, reflecting that they are only doing their jobs.

It would be truer to say, however, that the protesters are doing these officers’ jobs. For it is they who are risking their livelihoods—and, God forbid, quite possibly their lives—to defend the notion that government exists to secure the inalienable rights of human beings, not to whip them like slaves while pounding their ears with implausible platitudes.

It is heart wrenching to reflect that no Canadian boy worth his weight in maple syrup will any longer aspire to wear the uniforms of those whose mercenary motives have now been exposed.

What was once a badge of honor has become a badge of shame, and no empty phrases will change the reality that anyone of sound heart and mind can now see, and will never forget.

When we contemplate the conduct of those brave souls confronting their oppressors, on the other hand, we see human beings of genuine character. They are willing to risk becoming victims, if there is a chance to make the world right for their children, and grandchildren.

Even as they call upon those half-human robots, hiding behind Kevlar vests and willing to turn deadly weapons against women and children, to change their ways—vocally offering to forgive them if they repent—these fully human Canadians show themselves to be worthy of the highest honors.

As important as it is to pray for their safety and well-being, and celebrate their heroic virtue, we must not stop there.

Only when their fellow citizens, and those in positions of power, learn to imitate their noble deeds, will badges covered in shame once more become worthy of honor.

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