Where Honor is Due

Ehre sei dir, Gott, gesungen,
Let honor to thee, O God, be sung;
Dir sei Lob und Dank bereit.
For thee, let praise and thanks be prepared!
Dich erhebet alle Welt,
All the world exalts thee,
Weil dir unser Wohl gefällt,
Because our welfare is pleasing to thee;
Weil anheut
Because today,
Unser aller Wunsch gelungen,
All our wishes have been achieved;
Weil uns dein Segen so herrlich erfreut.
Because thy blessing delights us so gloriously!

As we greet a New Year already promising to plunge us into new depths of division and despair, the fifth part of J. S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio reminds us where to turn if we wish to regain the blessings that are slipping through our fingers.

It is never too late to abandon our idols, and acknowledge the one true source of all that is good.

In his honor is our salvation!

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