Speaking of Glory

Musicologists have noted that Vivaldi saved his best music for the Church.

Consulting their own sensibilities, they tend to think this is because it’s where he found his largest audience. Consulting this blogger’s, I’d rather believe it had something to do with the Red Priest’s desire to glorify his Lord.

Speaking of glory, we are fortunate enough to possess two versions of the Gloria by everyone’s favorite composer-uncle Tony. In this masterful production by Concerto Italiano, we hear the entirety of one, interspersed with movements from the other:

Though I don’t quite grasp the principle on which the two works are blended, it remains the case, as always, that Rinaldo Alessandrini and his crew present us with Vivaldi at his best.

The joy and the sorrow, the mystery and the solemnity of this ancient prayer are brought to life in a manner for which I am deeply grateful.

Those who regard the traditions of the Church as dead, or existing only in a “virtual reality,” seem to have no idea what they are missing.

For their sakes and our own, let us join in praying that the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, will continue to have mercy on us all!

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