Free Samples of Perfection

If Dear Reader is like Little Clovis, he may never have heard of Leopold Koželuch (1747-1818).

Born Jan Antonín Koželuh, in a town outside of Prague, like many Bohemians of the time he Germanized his surname; and he adopted the Christian name Leopold to distinguish himself from his cousin, also a musician, and also a Jan.

“Koželuch was an esteemed contemporary of Mozart, and in many circles considered the finer composer.” He turned down an offer from Mozart’s former employer, the Archbishop of Salzburg, reasoning that anyone unable to get along with the likes of Wolfgang would doubtless prove a nuisance to himself.

An “early champion of the fortepiano,” Koželuch wrote sonatas for the instrument which are said to be “perfect examples of the form and foreshadowing Beethoven and Schubert.”

Until July 15th, a healthy sampling of these pieces can be obtained for free at this link.

I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying them, and hope Dear Reader will as well!

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