A Benign Bloodthirst

Clarence Thomas is to my mind (the one you keep hearing about here) the most impressive of our Supreme Court Justices.

That late intrepid defender of the “original meaning” of our Constitution, Antonin Scalia, referred to him admiringly as a “bloodthirsty originalist.”

Pace the purveyors of social injustice, this does not imply that he is eager to shed the blood of enemies. To the contrary, as this outstanding documentary demonstrates, the blood Thomas has shown himself willing to risk is his own—metaphorically, thus far, but no less painfully for that.

“I’d rather die than withdraw.” If this sounds like hyperbole cooked up for public consumption, please do yourself a favor and watch this amazing film.

Given the openly Stalinist phase into which our big (nonbinary) brothers in Big Tech have entered, it is no wonder that Amazon selected this video for the distinguished honor of early deletion. (I found it elsewhere for a decent price.)

Not only does it detail the personal struggles and demonstrate the heroic character of one of our nation’s most profound exploders of leftist lies. It also explores the foundations of his uniquely classical judicial philosophy, hints at the wisdom underlying that approach, and exposes the malice of those who, unable to respond to Thomas on the plane of ideas, have resorted to defending their corrupt interests and wacky theories with the basest of personal attacks.

Among the choicest moments in this inspiring film are several scenes reminding us that, though age has taken its toll on the man currently occupying that famous plot on Pennsylvania Avenue, his manner was no more coherent or his intentions more benign in his salad days than they are today.

Above all, this film is palpable proof that the pattern of using race as a political bludgeon, and abusing people of color who are unwilling to be so used, is not of recent vintage.

In defending his own freedom to conform his thinking to the laws of nature, of nature’s God, and of our founding documents, Justice Thomas simultaneously defends the only bases on which each and every one of us can hope to be free in this world.

For exhibiting this most noble form of bloodthirstiness, he is richly deserving of our gratitude, prayers, and emulation.

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