Reset This!

The New York Times would like you to think that the Great Reset is a conspiracy theory cooked up by disgruntled right-wing deniers of whatever the masses are being programmed to believe in this news cycle.

This is the same paper that, in the 1930s, solemnly dismissed “rumors” of the (very real) Soviet-orchestrated famine responsible for the deaths of millions of Ukrainians.

This little deception was but a part of our leftist and corporate elites’ longstanding pattern of concealing the sins of communist dictators, rationalizing the bankrolling of evil empires with wealth generated in the land of the free in order to advance the egos and interests of megalomaniacs.

Inconveniently for the Times’s latest campaign of obfuscation, COVID-19: The Great Reset is the title of a book, readily available to anyone interested in knowing the truth, in which the masterminds of this alleged “conspiracy” lay out their schemes in the broad light of your viewing screen.

In its cockamamie but ostensibly earnest pages, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, explains how COVID-19, and the associated lockdowns implemented globally at the behest of his ideological soulmates, are a golden opportunity to eliminate opposition to the utopian despotism they are bent on inflicting upon the world.

As Michael Rectenwald explains in this thorough overview, Schwab’s vision is one in which a merger of corporate and governmental orgnizations produces a network of “governmentalities” capable of wielding near-total control of economic and social affairs.

In the name of environmental protection, public health, “social justice,” and whatever ruse they can cook up next, Schwab and his cronies hope to coopt, phase out, or cancel any economic, media, and governmental actors not in compliance with their agenda, leaving a tiny elite to monopolize all instruments of production, propaganda, and power.

For most of us, this will mean the loss of property, privacy, autonomy, and responsibility for our own lives. On planet Reset, everything is free, but nothing is really ours, and we peons will learn to make do with whatever our masters are willing or able to loan us at any given time.

Maybe some of us will enjoy eating bug burgers, and letting computer implants regulate our brain functions in line with “stakeholder” directives.

For those of us with other hopes, Rectenwald usefully reminds us that the Great Reset, though no conspiracy theory, is also something less than reality.

As a “coordinated propaganda and public relations campaign shrouded under a cloak of inevitability,” the Great Reset relies heavily on our ignorance, apathy, or cowardice to succeed at seizing control of our lives.

This means that, through knowledge, devotion, and spiritedness, we can and must strive to reset the resetters!

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