Asking Questions

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

I appreciate Ohio Representative Jim Jordan’s exposure of the arbitrary nature of the repressive policies currently foisted upon the American people in the name of “public health.”

In this exchange, Representative Jordan stumps Dr. Anthony Fauci by asking when, and on what objective basis, Americans can expect to get our liberty back:

As we can see, Fauci not only refuses to reveal what measures he (and his fellow dictators) may employ in deciding to restore our freedoms. Chillingly, he refuses to acknowledge that our liberties have been suspended at all.

It seems that that, in the minds of our reigning elites, our rights are nonexistent, or of too little value to merit discussion.

As gratifying as it is that one of our elected representatives is willing to confront the horror of our ongoing constitutional cancellation, however, it is crucial to place the current travesty in its proper context.

Unelected and therefore unrepresentative administrators like Fauci are in a position to suspend our freedoms indefinitely, without deigning to justify or even admit what they are doing, because the people we elect to represent us have spent close to a century delegating their authority to bureaucratic agencies.

Representative Jordan would not be reduced to publicly banging his head on Fauci’s wall of bureaucratic indifference had not Congress long ago surrendered its governing powers to the administrative state.

What Congress has delegated, however, Congress may always un-delegate. And those whom we have elected, we may always un-elect.

The real question, then, is not when Dr. Fauci will see fit to give us our freedoms back. The question is when those to whom we have entrusted the duty of safeguarding our freedoms will take those freedoms back.

An even better question is when we will insist that they do so.

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