Music and Mercy

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Eric Genuis is a contemporary composer. Hailing from Canada, and living in Kentucky, he describes his music as “classical in form, but with a modern feel.”

Judging by the notes included with this fine album, Genuis is fascinated by the Socratic notion that music is capable of ordering the passions, in accordance with reason, toward “all that is good, true, and beautiful.”

His latest album includes a passionate rendering of the hymn Ave Verum Corpus. The text is a meditation on the twin marvels of Christ’s Incarnation and Passion.

The same divine Logos, whose benevolent order music serves, “was sacrificed on the cross for humankind,” embracing the “agony of death” so that we might enjoy “a foretaste of heaven.”

Among the works of mercy Christ has given us, that we might unite our sacrifices to his, is the visiting of prisoners (Mt. 25:36).

Genuis, whose music itself is a mission of mercy to a world thirsting for beauty, seems to have a special place in his heart for the imprisoned:

Many souls today are trapped in prisons of sin, ignorance, and despair. May the Lord bless those like Genuis who visit us with his liberating presence!

Genuis’s albums can be purchased here.

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