Living by Lies

Over the past year, the rights (and duties) of human beings in society have been suspended without warning, and partially parceled back according to the whims of bureaucratic despots, from WHO officials to the manager of the local chain store.

We might ask what could possibly justify such drastic impositions upon human dignity and endangerment of the general welfare; or discuss who is entitled to weigh the costs imposed upon the billions of souls forced to pay for the real or imagined advantages allegedly gained by these exercises in global social engineering.

But such questions have been studiously ignored by those most responsible for asking them. Meanwhile, those who have sought to bring reason to bear on the situation have been met with contempt, recrimination, and cancellation.

As the evidence against our global folly continues to mount, I see less that is “news” to me, given that the perversity of what we are doing has seemed evident to me from day one. But it is worth reviewing a few of the falsehoods with which the suicide of our natural and constitutional freedoms is being rationalized.

Falsehood #1: We are dealing with an unusually deadly virus. In fact, the CDC (and other national authorities) have knowingly counted deaths from COVID-19 differently from any other disease, in a manner calculated to inflate the numbers massively. Accurate numbers, compared to those of other diseases we have lived with for the lifetime of anyone reading this blog, would not even appear to justify the supposedly temporary suspension of our most basic freedoms.

Falsehood #2: Asymptomatic carriers pose a serious risk to others. There has never been evidence to back up this claim, and there is plenty of evidence against it. Without this phony notion, however, there would be no rationale for treating every human being on the planet as a threat in need of mitigation. Hence our overlords blithely ignore the evidence, and we let them get away with it.

Falsehood #3: Lockdowns save lives. Time and again we find that states and nations refusing to succumb to lockdown mania do no worse, or even better, than those following the herd.

Falsehood #4: Masks save lives. Outside of tightly controlled clinical settings, prolonged mask wearing in real world conditions is obviously unsanitary as well as dehumanizing. Since lifting its mask mandate, Texas has seen a reduction in “cases.” The true motives for mask mandates are wholly symbolic and psychological, and the symbolism and psychology involved are satanic.

I could go on about the irrelevance of counting improperly defined “cases,” the misuse of PCR testing, and the many devastating effects lockdowns and socialist distancing have had and will have on persons and societies.

Perhaps the greatest cost of these measures is not the direct or proximate price being paid by so many now and in years to come, but rather the precedent they are setting and habits they are forming.

If living by lies becomes the “new normal,” who can say what evil awaits us next? If I told you I relish finding out, I’d be lying.

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