Not in Our Stars

Image by jplenio from Pixabay

Several years ago, Carson Holloway published an insightful essay, describing the election of Donald Trump as a (well deserved) slap across the face of America’s governing elites.

Holloway’s argument focuses on a series of policy gaffes, stretching back to the presidency of George W. Bush and extending through that of Barack Obama.

Together, by 2016, these failures had persuaded a sizable portion of the populace that a bipartisan cadre of government, business, and media heads were no longer willing to hold themselves accountable to the people whose interests they (pretend to) serve.

Holloway made no promises about Trump’s ability to solve this problem. He left it at noting that the uncouth real estate magnate had prevailed because of his willingness to denounce the arrogance and hypocrisy of our self-proclaimed betters, and to brave their consequent ire.

And he added that, should our present elites refuse to hear the message, “America is vast, diverse, and free enough to give itself a new governing elite.”

After 2020, four years feels like an eternity. Yet events have made Holloway’s thesis more timely than ever.

It now appears not only that our elites did indeed take Trump’s election as a slap in the face, but also that they are more than capable of slapping back!

Instead of changing their ways, or making room for new and better leaders, our wayward masters opted to leverage their power in a shameless campaign to cancel the messenger of their failings, and anyone unwilling to bury his message.

If our tenacious technocratic tyrants are unwilling to reform their ways, or to make room for genuine public servants, what are we to do?

To cure a disease, one must understand its cause. In this case, the more we probe the nature and origins of our present political predicament, the clearer it will become that the fault, dear reader, is not in our stars, but in ourselves: that we are underlings.

Stay tuned for further details!

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