The Problem with Politics, and How to Solve It

Plato says that all would be well if only wise men reigned—or if all those who reigned were philosophers.

But in the same way that wise men wisely avoid ruling fools, so do fools foolishly refuse to submit to the rule of the wise.

And so confusion reigns.

William of St. Thierry

Beginning from the above premise, Plato goes on to suggest that the only reason a decent man would agree to rule is to avoid being ruled by fools.

To complain about the folly of politics is much like complaining about the cold of winter. True: it hurts. But complaining will not lessen the sting.

With politics, there is at least the hope that those with good intentions may band together to mitigate the insanity.

Not the most stirring slogan, perhaps, but one we ought to consider adopting: Make America Less Nutty Again!

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