Where our Cancel Culture is Headed (No Pun Intended)

In his treatise On Kingship (hard copy here), St. Thomas Aquinas echoes the wisdom of the ancients regarding international trade.

Since political society exists to perfect human nature, each society must obtain sufficient resources to sustain a good life, and commerce will therefore prove indispensable.

Excessive enthusiasm for trading, on the other hand, poses twin dangers. First, it may habituate citizens to work for profit rather than “the public good.” Next, frequent “association with foreigners” can instill a dangerous contempt for native “laws and customs.”

All of us have been taught to sneer at the simplicity and narrowmindedness of this classical teaching. Perhaps we are missing something.

As is increasingly obvious, American oligarchs are becoming fond of certain despotic techniques they have been practicing abroad, which they are now importing to our once-democratic republic with the breathtaking speed of modern technology.

Given the power of their own egos, and the bottomless bag of excuses provided by utopian ideologies, I would not expect them to slow down or change course anytime soon.

In that case, it behooves us to ask what they will think of next. Let’s take a peek at the kind of world our present overlords may be building.

In a move that renders the suicide bombers of old a quaint memory, the Chinese Communist Party is now equipping soldiers with exploding helmets.

One purpose of the technological breakthrough is purely compassionate. Should a soldier be wounded, he can hit his “self-destruct” button to ensure what he is assured will be a death more “dignified” than enemy captivity.

The device has the additional benefit of allowing commanders to “activate the self-destruct function” from afar, when they believe the soldier is of more use to the so-called People’s Republic as a bomb than as a man.

Just imagine what our Big Tech overlords could do with a similar gadget, perhaps embedded in smartphones, or snuck into the human body with a (compulsory?) vaccine.

Why go through the trouble of rigging elections, deleting social media accounts, and de-platforming competitors when those who express disfavored views can be “cancelled” in a more permanent fashion?

After all, the dead can’t vote—not for the wrong party, anyhow!

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