Baroque and Roll!

Musica Florea is one of several contemporary Czech ensembles whose musicianship strikes me as out of this world.

They have been playing since 1992, under the direction of cellist Marek Štryncl, and have many fine recordings to their credit.

In December of last year they performed to what appears to be an empty hall, for the benefit of netizens worldwide.

The concert features lively pieces by Marcin Mielczewski, Antonio Vivaldi, Josef Leopold Václav Dukát, Samuel Friedrich Capricornus, and Georg Philipp Telemann.

I don’t have the text for the vocal piece, but it appears to be an Easter aria, celebrating Christ’s victory over eternal death.

The inscription visible above the group reads: “For one is your Master, Christ, and ye are all brethren” (Mt. 23:8).


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2 thoughts on “Baroque and Roll!

  1. I agree, an “out of this world” ensemble. As a stringed instrument player, I’m intrigued by the 10 string lute, guitar, whatever that fascinating instrument is. Notice the instrument also provides the percussion when it is being played. Pure musical perfection. Thanks Clovis Minor!

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  2. Thanks Jerry! As someone who was always too lazy to follow through with music lessons, I appreciate a musician’s perspective on this.

    You have a keen eye to count the strings on that instrument. Did you count by the tuning knobs?

    Looking up baroque instruments, I find that a baroque lute has ten pairs of strings, and a baroque guitar has five pairs. I’m guessing each pair hooks into one knob.


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