Probable Cause

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Claes G. Ryn is professor of politics at The Catholic University of America.

He describes himself as “largely alienated from both of the American parties,” and in any case not a partisan of Donald J. Trump.

Over at The American Conservative—a journal that has largely pooh-poohed allegations of widespread fraud in our recent presidential election—Ryn has published a memorandum summarizing his professional assessment of these allegations.

His mid-length article is well worth reading in full. A few key points are worth pondering in particular:

Those who are flatly dismissing the charges of voter fraud in this year’s election are not the open-minded observers that they might imagine themselves to be. Consciously or subconsciously, they are anti-Trump partisans or reflexively partisan Democrats, unless, like most people, they are merely timid souls fearing the consequences of offending others.

Although the situation needs further investigation, he writes, “what I have found to date gives me no choice but to conclude that in the 2020 election, there was major and organized vote fraud and that it probably stole the election.”

Instead of countering the ever-growing cynicism, demagoguery, and corruption of politicians, the media are aligning themselves with and facilitating the efforts of one side in the current battle.

Their conduct “illustrates that the old spirit of American constitutionalism, the rule of law, and dispassionate, respectful public debate are fading away.”

As for those Americans who look the other way because they are desperately hoping for a return to normalcy and niceness, Ryn warns that “the ruthless will rather easily outmaneuver the nice, which is why the young of today had better prepare for rough times.”

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