A New Old Ideology

It is said that Orpheus’s music compelled even “the pitiless king of the dead” to grant Eurydice her freedom—though not without a catch!

I don’t know if Sir George Ivan Morrison will have similar success in freeing us from the chokehold of “the rulers of the world of this darkness” (Eph. 6:12). But God bless him for trying!

The music, and the argument it accompanies, are simple but compelling:

Well, well the birds in the trees know something we can’t see, ‘cos they know we were born to be free.

Don’t need the government cramping my style; give them an inch, they take a mile; take you in with a phony smile, wouldn’t you agree?

The new normal is not normal, it’s no kind of normal at all. Everyone seems to have amnesia just trying to remember the Berlin Wall.

Some kind of new old ideology, with new psychology, but it’s not for the benefit of you and me.

For a scholarly account of “how the tyranny of experts,” aided and abetted by a network of proud and presumptuous (or, as David Warren would say, “gliberal”) elites, “turned a pandemic into a catastrophe,” see The Price of Panic, by Douglas Axe, William M. Briggs, and Jay W. Richards.

Despite its subtitle, the book is far from polemical in tone, and in fact refrains from accusing the perpetrators of our global calamity of anything worse than professional bias and opportunistic hyperbole.

As Sir Morrison’s reference to the Berlin Wall astutely insinuates, the situation may be worse than the authors aver.

Will the panoply of rights, “temporarily” suspended for reasons never fully scrutinized by the people or their elected representatives, ever be restored? Or is their quiet demise one of the perks of this pandemic from the perspective of our contemporary global Pseudalists?

Without directly addressing this pressing question, the book does a thorough and dispassionate job of helping us “sift prudence from propaganda,” to see how and why the danger of the virus (which can be nasty and even deadly in some cases) has been shamelessly exaggerated; the ineffectiveness of lockdowns studiously ignored; and the harms of sudden and systematic social repression criminally dismissed.

The moral and intellectual errors informing this colossal misrule have, with some success, been disguised as wisdom through sophisticated forms of emotional manipulation.

Perhaps some catchy new tunes, paired with honest analyses of our present dilemma, and accompanied by many prayers, will help to liberate our psyches from this new version of an old ideology.

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4 thoughts on “A New Old Ideology

    1. Thanks Jerry! I have always been a fan of his more famous songs, especially Moon Dance, but otherwise not very familiar with his work. A few years ago it came to my attention that his “Domino” seems to have a spiritual basis. “O Domino” is Latin for “O Lord,” and Sir Morrison actually sings “Lord have mercy” once or twice in the song as well. Still not sure what the other lyrics mean! 😉

      Anyhow, he has done a few protest tunes lately, including one with Eric Clapton: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=d0cCJMrNZa8&feature=share


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