A Conqueror Comes!

For while all things were in quiet silence, and the night was in the midst of her course, thy almighty Word leapt down from heaven from thy royal throne, as a fierce conqueror into the midst of the land of destruction.

Wisdom 18:14-15

Why do we rejoice at the coming of a “fierce conqueror”?

As Carson Holloway explains, “Christmas confronts us with the sobering claim that humankind is in a state of sin.”

Sin is a fierce enemy. If we attempt to escape it by denying its existence, our resulting indifference to evil allows it to run rampant in the world.

If, on the other hand, we attempt to conquer sin ourselves, we end up playing God. Confidence in our own salvific designs renders us blind to the evil we may be inflicting on others.

As the angel said to Joseph, it is not man, but “God with us,” who “shall save his people from their sins.”

This Christmas, let us put into practice the words our Lord spoke through his Psalmist: “Be still and see that I am God!” (Ps. 45:11)

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