“And the Light Shines in Darkness”

These are dark times. The public sphere seems dominated by fear, violence, vitriol, cynicism, and contempt for one’s fellow man.

Words of comfort are sorely needed. Words cannot make our troubles disappear, or relieve us of the responsibility of confronting them. They can help us to develop the wisdom to know what is good, the prudence to see what good we can do, and the strength to persevere amidst the struggles and setbacks we will inevitably face in the attempt.

Una Voce is an international federation of lay organizations dedicated to preserving and promoting the treasures of the Catholic faith. One local chapter, inspired by how others are responding to this spiritual crisis, decided to bring a message of peace and hope to our fellow citizens.

Let us pray that this billboard will remind or inform those who see it that Christ has given us his mother as our own. When we turn to her, she opens to us the treasury of her Immaculate Heart, in which is kept all the riches of God’s Eternal Word.

The only true peace is that offered to us by “the true light, which enlightens every man” who receives him, even in a world that knows him not (Jn. 1:9-12).

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